The Sound Projector review on Zavoloka’s “Syngonia” LP

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The Sound Projector review on Zavoloka’s “Syngonia” LP:

“An invisible taste-maker in these parts of late, (Kateryna) Zavoloka is the increasingly esteemed ‘experimental music label’ Kvitnu’s first port of call for graphic design, and thus responsible for the digital delirium seen on recent releases by Ilpo Väisänen and others. The sleeve to her new LP is no exception; its multidimensional faceting trumpeting both the label’s distinguished visual aesthetic and that of the complex techno within: Syngonia sounds like good cyberpunk reads: visceral rhythmic fragments pumped through spaces of synthetic hyper-colour or blackened by the corrosive force of unmonitored industry.

This balance between tropes futurist and dystopian is in constant negotiation. Compare ‘Syngonia’s tower of pattering pulsations, shimmering arpeggios and laconic melodies teetering towards oblivion as it ascends towards sunlight – an idm-fuelled techno where Plaid and (latter day) Black Dog sit round a table and talk things through – with ‘Rotating Fields’ and ‘Awake The Quake’ as they rip the cloud out of the silver lining, decking the walls with hissing, chest-thumping drums and over-synthesized strings that warn us not to trust this charismatic stranger in the wasteland. While there’s little sense of salvation to be salvaged, Zavoloka exercises a sophisticated economy of control that capably teases from even the most insubstantial moments enough epic moments to set sci-fi heads a-tingling.”

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