new review on “Syngonia” LP

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new review on “Syngonia” LP:

“…The music seems to be gentler than before, or in fact than much of the music on Kvitnu, which we know to be rhythmic and noisy. The eight pieces on this CD are all rhythm heavy, but ‘nicer’, ‘sweeter’ than before; it’s not that Pan Sonic machine drift that many of Kvitnu seem to love, but a fine techno beat, and the there are some excellent melodies on top of that. This time around it is not the cascading of sine waves together, but Zavoloka plays a bunch of synthesizer melodies; dark but gentle, laced with the right amount of sound effects; much delay and reverb, as things should be. I don’t know that much about the world of techno, house or such like to say what this sounded like, but I thought this was a most enjoyable record (also available on LP it seems). Very danceable, even for those who don’t dance. (FdW)”

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